Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

I love TED Talks but I don’t get to watch them often enough. I subscribed to their ’31 days of TED talks’ mailing list in December and hardly watched any of them even though they all looked great.

In my usual manner, having decided that I really want to watch some on a regular basis, I have devised a ‘process’ to enable me to do that! I have decided to watch TED talks on the iPad when I’m in the kitchen, cooking and tidying up, rather than listen to my usual podcasts. A bit like planning to listen to my Audible books when on my daily (I use that word flexibly!) walk.

So, expect to see a few posts on here with some of the best examples of the talks!

Are You a Procrastinator?

I watched this one yesterday because it was on the ‘Top TED Talks of 2016‘ list and mainly because it was talking about procrastination.

As it turns out, it was by the very entertaining Tim Urban, whose blog I regularly read thanks to my lovely friend Cathy’s recommendation. This TED talk is all about procrastination and absolutely speaks to her and my tussles with said concept!

In his talk Tim says that all of us are procrastinators in some way. What do you think?

If you want some help with cutting through your own procrastination to enable you to ‘get stuff done’, check out my group accountability system.

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