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Life feels so overwhelming nowadays with our busy lives, all the digital technology and that seemingly ‘always on’ culture.

I’m on a mission to help business owners and leaders to be more productive, organised, healthy and happy doing what they want to do, rather than what they feel they should or need to do.

I started my first business in 2005 and very quickly found I had much less time than I'd imagined for all of the things I was planning to do when I started my business - bringing up my daughter, for a start! I muddled along doing my best...

After a health scare and sudden family deaths in 2011, my life and business had to change. I now bring those principles I learnt together to help my clients and members of POWER to Live More CALM.

Speaking Topics

How to Get Unstuck, Get Stuff Done and Get to Live More

In this 60 minute action packed session you’ll learn:

  • My 5 Fundamentals for improving your POWER
  • How to be productive and avoid procrastination
  • Tips and strategies you can implement today to give you more time and energy

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How to Avoid Procrastination and Get Stuff Done

In this 30 minute action packed session you’ll learn:

  • Why we procrastinate
  • 10 strategies to follow to avoid procrastination and get stuff done
  • My number one tip for getting going on getting anything done!

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Who Am I?

Jo Dodds is the creator of POWER to Live More CALM, an online membership for home based coaches and consultants to help them to get unstuck, get stuff done, and get to live more.

We work on improving their productivity, marketing and wellbeing in these days of overwhelm, whether that be physical, mental or digital, using her POWER to Live More 5 Fundamentals of Self Care, Simplify, Systemise, Share and Sustain.

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