Scanning and Storing Business Cards Using Evernote

As I go through my days I often do something and think ‘I must make a note of that tip to share’ and then, as I haven’t worked out a process for it, yet, I don’t!  After thinking it yet again this morning I’m going to blog about today’s tip to give me some incentive to create that process!

So, first, what was the thing that prompted me to do this today? I was on the train on my way to a conference and exhibition as part of my work with the Engage for Success movement.

Business Cards That I’d Done Nothing With!

I was at an event with them last week too and realised that I still had some business cards in my bag that I hadn’t done anything with. I decided it was sensible to take a few minutes whilst finishing the train journey to do something with them so that I didn’t get them muddled with those from today.

One of my favourite tools is Evernote.

I use it for so much: taking (searchable) notes in meetings – so I don’t have to write up a handwritten version, saving online recipes, planning, scanning and keeping programmes from concerts that I want to remember but don’t want to keep, making checklists, saving reference material, and the list goes on.

The other main thing I use it for on my iPhone is to scan in business cards.

Use Evernote to Scan Business Cards into your Phone

It scans the cards automatically as the camera recognises that’s what they are and then it adds the contact information from the card into the note automatically (and fairly accurately). It gives you an option to connect with the individual on LinkedIn. And if it can find them on LinkedIn, it pulls in their image (how many times have you wished that you could picture someone from their business card?).

And you can choose to scan the back of the card too. Then I like to use the notes section to add in where I met the person to help me to find their card in the future or to ‘place them’ in my memory if needed. And if I need to follow up with them I use the built in option on the iPhone to send a link to my Todoist to make sure I don’t forget what I agreed to do.

So, in a few minutes just before my train arrived, I processed the outstanding business cards (and folded them in half in my bag to remind me to throw them away when I get home – I just have visions of someone finding the card in the train bin and being traumatised that I didn’t keep it!).

Don’t Waste Other People’s Cards

And then I was ready to start collecting more cards today at the event! Mind you, it does look a bit weird on occasions when I scan a card at a meeting and then hand the card straight back to the person so they don’t waste them!

So, if you haven’t started using Evernote yet, download it to your smartphone and give it a try. It syncs across all your devices so you can access all your notes anytime.

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