Interview: Jo Dodds is the Consultants’ Consultant and the Coaches’ Coach 

I was interviewed, just before lockdown, by the lovely Ingrid Thompson who was subsequently a guest on my podcast here.

It’s interesting to see the quote that Ingrid shared from our interview, chosen before all this craziness started:

It’s timely to be sharing it this week as I’ve been inspired to create a programme aimed at helping new coaches and consultants to get started.

My CALM online membership offers practical help, support and coaching to existing business owners but I felt there was a gap – particularly in these times – for a more structured programme to get people started.

Watch this space for more info as I get on with it!

I talk in this interview about how I got started in business 15 years ago and how my business has been through a few iterations!

And I talk about the concept of a ‘risk reversal guarantee’ that I implemented in my first business to drive sales, retention and ultimately the sale of those businesses.

You can listen below. Let me know what you think!

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