Is Email Marketing Effective in 2020? 

In this guest blog, Dmytro explains why email marketing is still effective in 2020.

Email marketing in 2020 is not what it used to be years ago. Due to a high number of companies sending out promotional emails, it’s harder to reach audiences and motivate readers to interact with a message. 

That’s why every now and then there’s a marketer who will declare “Email marketing is cancelled”. To help business owners choose whether or not email marketing is worth investing time and money in, we will explore the benefits of sending out newsletters and order confirmation email campaigns. 

Email Marketing Is Here to Stay: Statistics 

There are dozens of surveys marketing agencies run to determine if email marketing is worth betting on. Here are some of the most impressive insights these studies revealed: 

  • 31% of B2B business owners consider email marketing a top revenue driver. 
  • B2C shoppers are heavily influenced by promotional emails as well: 59% of them acknowledge the impact of branded messages on buying decision-making. 

All data proves the relevance of email marketing in 2020. Most still prefer getting branded email messages over those on social media and are happy to read and share newsletters with friends and peers. 

4 Reasons to Prioritise Email Marketing in 2020

Starting an email marketing campaign is a time-consuming process. Naturally, business owners and marketing managers want to make sure their effort doesn’t go to waste. To get a better understanding of why investing in email marketing is a productive activity for your marketing team, take a look at its top benefits. 

1. Detailed Performance Tracking

Email marketers get a variety of tools to learn more about shoppers and website visitors, find out how they interact with messages, and improve the effectiveness of each campaign.

There are well-defined metrics business managers can use campaign management and communication tools to determine how email marketing impacts customer acquisition and retention:

  • Open rate. The number of unique readers who opened a message. 
  • Click-through-rate. The number of subscribers who clicked on an in-mail link. 
  • Bounce rate. The number of emails that couldn’t reach recipients.
  • Deliverability. How many of your emails are delivered properly. 
  • Spam complaint rate. The number of readers who flagged branded emails as spam.
  • The forwarding rate.  It shows how eagerly your readers share emails with their social circle. 

These and other metrics help business owners objectively measure the impact of email marketing efforts and know how well their campaigns convert subscribers into customers. Few other channels give marketing managers as much insight and transparency

2. High Brand Awareness

Email marketing is a way for business managers to build a strong connection with website visitors or one-time consumers. Let’s assume that most brands send 3-5 letters per week, which means that the recipient will see your company’s name almost every day. Over time, this consistent exposure results in improved brand awareness. 

Integrating the logo and featuring your products in the email design helps marketers make sure the company sticks in readers’ minds. Here’s how Nike uses email marketing to improve brand awareness – the company features its logo and top products in a promotional letter. 


3. Targeted Communication

If you think about other forms of promotion (such as TV commercials or billboards), the issue with these is that marketers don’t have full control over who sees their content. The risk of targeting people who are not interested in the product is too high and means sending marketing budgets down the drain. 

While Facebook shop ads and PPC spots are targeted, they aren’t fully personalised. You can’t create a spot that would call a reader by name, reference their company, and offer just the right product to meet their needs. 

Email marketing takes the cake when it comes to personalisation. There are dozens of segmentation techniques marketers can use to turn a letter or a follow-up email into a heartfelt, personalised message. Rather than reaching readers with a mass-oriented message, through emails, a brand becomes a friend, a colleague, and a mentor. 

Take a look at how Brand24 uses personalisation to make it look as if the marketing manager knows the reader personally. The company used behaviour tracking and dynamic variables (adding a subscriber’s name to the list) to connect with a newly acquired subscriber. 

4. Conversion Booster

Email marketing is a powerful way to walk an unengaged visitor throughout the entire sales funnel, converting him/her into a customer. Other than that, business owners can send messages that update one-time shoppers on new offers and encourage them to come back to the store. 

Business managers can also use email marketing to convert unengaged visitors into active users. Here’s an email American Airlines encourages travellers to use air miles before they expire. 



Although email marketing has been around for decades, it doesn’t mean marketers should forget about it and move on to new marketing channels.

To this day, newsletters and promotional emails are a top way to interact with website visitors and stay in touch with the customer base.

As long as you create relevant quality content and keep your email list clean, the efforts you put into planning and launching a campaign will definitely pay off as conversions.

Featured image by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Author Bio

Dmytro Zaichenko is an Outreach Manager at Mailtrap, a product helping to test emails at the developmental stages. He has more than 5 years of experience in content making.Apart from writing, he’s passionate about basketball and poetry. Connect Dmytro on LinkedIn.

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