Why Your Journal Shouldn't Be Perfect - Keep It Messy - Day 26

Why Your Journal Shouldn’t Be Perfect – Keep It Messy – Day 26

When many people think of journalling, they imagine themselves writing perfect notes in a beautifully bound book.

It’s a very lovely image, but it’s rare that real life fits the images in our minds. It’s important to remember that it’s okay for things to be different than we may have pictured them to be.

In fact, that’s just a big part of what makes life fun and interesting. Life is rarely perfectly presentable. It’s messy, and it’s okay for your journal to reflect that by being messy too.

Take a look at all the reasons your journal shouldn’t be perfect and why it’s okay for it to be a mess sometimes. You’ll actually benefit by avoiding perfection in your journaling. Let me show you how. 

Reduce Anxiety

When you go in with the idea that you’re allowed to be messy in your journal, you toss perfectionism to the side. It’s liberating to realise you can make mistakes and that it won’t be the end of the world.

Sometimes those blank pages can be the most intimidating part of getting started. Once you begin, you’ll see that “messing up” a page isn’t that big of a deal. It’s nothing that can’t be overcome. You’ll reduce your anxiety and stress when you take away the idea of perfection. 

Accomplish More

Once you’re no longer worried about being perfect, you’ll simply accomplish more. You can move forward with a clearer head knowing that mistakes aren’t a big deal.

If you really hate a page, you can always rip it out and start again. Covering the errors with another piece of paper, small ephemera or drawing is also a possibility.

So, let go of your worry and just get down to writing. You’ll soon see how much you can accomplish. 

Adds Personalisation

Your journal is yours and yours alone. It’s a place that’s meant to be customised.

The thoughts, drawings, and musings within belong to you. Because they’re yours, they should reflect your character, personality, and authenticity. That includes your mistakes and your mess.

So, don’t hesitate to write, collage, or doodle whatever comes to mind for you. Toss worry to the curb and make your journal your own. 

Have fun with your journal. It’s meant to be used. Things that are used and well-loved always include mistakes and messes. Enjoy the process. 

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