Listen to Podcasts via Alexa 

I’ve had it on my todo list for ages to work out how to play my podcast on my Alexa. As it turned out, it took about two minutes to get it set up!

So, if you’re an Alexa fan, here is how to listen to POWER to Live More (or any other podcast) on there.

Via Apple Podcasts

Go to your Alexa app and select ‘Skills & Games’ and then search for Apple Podcasts and then select ‘Enable to Use’.

Then link your Apple ID.

You should then be asked how you want your defaults set – choose Apple Podcasts for the podcast setting.

Then you should just be able to ask your Alexa to play the “POWER to Live More Podcast” and it should play the latest show!

via Spotify

If you use Spotify on your Alexa already, you should be able to just request Alexa to “Play the POWER to Live More podcast on Spotify”.

Of course you can listen to any podcast on there, not just mine! But you could do worse than start with mine, if you are a podcast or a POWER to Live More fan 🙂

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