Deepak Shukla: The Keywords to Success 

Deepak Shukla describes himself as an “award-winning SEO nerd”, and certainly has the credentials to back it up.

As the Managing Director of Pearl Lemon Marketing, He uses his broad knowledge and expertise in SEO to give small and growing businesses that much-needed leg up with their digital presence, helping them to outpace their competitors.

A trained British soldier, marathon runner, musician, and public speaker, he is all about challenging himself to be better — and inspiring others to do the same. 

Deepak joins me today to discuss how and why he fell in love with SEO, leading him to become a self-made subject matter expert in the field. He shares his unusual approach to management including his stand on meetings and calls.

He explains the thought process behind the SEO services he offers and how it revolves around the question of how to get someone to trust you enough to send you money.

He also elaborates on why comfort and mediocrity present a danger to mankind and why he chooses to use his fear of the unknown to keep doing better. 

“You absolutely have the ability in your life. All you really need to look at is where in your life you’re activating that ability to take massive action.”

Deepak Shukla 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • Deepak’s roles and responsibilities at Pearl Lemon and how he successfully operates via remote working. 
  • Why he loves SEO and why he actually lives up to the “SEO nerd” moniker. 
  • How his journey on the SEO path actually started. 
  • A funny story about how he applied SEO for the first time without realising it was SEO in the first place. 
  • How he balances his activities throughout his day, especially with his level of energy. 
  • His unique policy on emails and meetings. 
  • Why he has never, ever had a meeting with his teammates all together. 
  • The significance of establishing one’s online presence in building credibility. 
  • The importance of answering a single question: “What would it take for someone to trust me enough to just send me money?” 
  • Deepak’s strategies for self-improvement and why he hires coaches. 
  • Why comfort and mediocrity are actually dangerous to people. 
  • Why being reward-driven is a fallacy. 
  • His advice for people who need guidance in doing things the way he does. 
  • How Deepak relies on training and experience to get through rough days. 
  • How excellent time management is part of the secret of “living more.” 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Deepak Shukla: 

Top Tool to Consider

Here I recommend a tool that I use. Don’t be a slave to tools / bright shiny objects though, you don’t have to use them all!

For the tool this week I scoured my iPad for inspiration.

This tool is what I use to create images just the right size for my blog, and other platforms. I have to admit to not finding the instructions to learn how to use it properly but, for what I need it for, it works just fine already.

Basically, when I need an image for my blog I just download one or find one of my own photos and then if I open it in this app it automatically crops it to the size that I need based on my pre-defined setting.

It’s so simple and elegant!

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