Kelly McCausey: From Hours-for-Dollars to Successful Content Marketing and Community Building 

Kelly McCausey is a single-mom who changed her initial hours-for-dollars work model into a thriving full-blown business where she specialises in content marketing and community building.

She started working online, creating graphics and websites for others in 2002, where she used to charge too little for her hard work. Today, she blogs, hosts a podcast, run membership programmes, and coaches other aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve the success they want in their online business, all from the comfort of her own Michigan home.  

Kelly joins me today to share her journey from corporate to entrepreneurship – from trading her hours for dollars to offering multiple online courses and building a flourishing community.

She dives into how she creates quality content regularly, and what urged her to use digital apps even though she was initially opposed to them.

Kelly also shares how she runs her businesses and make things happen as well as her secret to being calm and composed for over a year now, despite the challenges that came her way. 

“Good friends, who will hold up that mirror and let you see clearly what you keep re-creating in your business, is a precious gift.” 

Kelly McCausey

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • What drives Kelly to help other entrepreneurs with stories to tell 
  • What led to the creation of her Internet Radio show that turned into a podcast and how her listener community responded to this change 
  • How she kickstarted her Internet Radio show despite having limited resources 
  • Her perspective on ethics and the output she delivers 
  • The two things she finds herself doing in the licensed content she works on 
  • The roadblocks of outsourcing and how to overcome them 
  • Why you need to be willing to slow down when outsourcing 
  • Why she calls herself a coach yet coaching is not her primary business model 
  • An app she uses to communicate with her clients instead of providing email support 
  • Helpful Trello categories Kelly created for the braindump she does for her projects 
  • How her close circle of friends helps her process the things that go wrong in her business 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Kelly McCausey: 

Connect, Share, Inspire 

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