Randy Gage on Show #235: Radical Rebirth 

Randy Gage is a Strategic Advisor, Keynote Presenter, Prosperity Speaker, and Author. With his thought-provoking methods, he helps people approach their business and lives in a whole new way.

He has written many books, including his recent best-seller Radical Rebirth. Randy has spoken in more than 50 countries to over 2-million people and is a member of the Direct Selling Hall of Fame and the Speakers Hall of Fame. 

Today, Randy shares information on his latest book and why the concept of Radical Rebirth is so vital today.

He reveals how you can reevaluate your foundational beliefs to create your own radical rebirth and why many people follow patterns or fall into careers without thinking.

He shares ways you can challenge an accepted premises and discusses his coaching journey. He also reveals why it’s crucial to work with people in a way that helps them make their own decisions and what he does when things go wrong.

“The reasons breakthroughs happen is because they are from people who don’t buy into the conventional thinking”

Randy Gage

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • What Randy’s latest book is about and why it’s so relevant today
  • How reevaluating your core foundational beliefs can instigate a radical rebirth
  • Why people fall into patterns and careers without thinking
  • How you can challenge an accepted premise
  • Randy’s journey into coaching and what prompted significant changes in his life
  • Why it’s essential to help people by allowing them to make decisions for themselves 
  • How Randy works productively and the tools he uses
  • How Randy deals with challenging days

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Randy Gage:

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