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Gary Gorman on Show #92: Exploring the World of Freelancing

Gary Gorman

Gary Gorman is a negotiation specialist and the author of 30 Days Sales Challenge: Get To Love Selling For The Non Sales Person and Inside The Entrepreneur’s Mind: What Makes The Real Life Business Owner Want To Risk It All?  With over 30 years’ of experience, he has helped countless organisations around the world improve their negotiation skills, land better projects […]

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Show #87 with Amanda Holges: Making Time for Business Growth

Amanda Holges

Amanda Holges has over three decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, having grown her family business into a highly successful international company. She is a business mentor and mastermind facilitator who passionately helps entrepreneurs with business development and growth strategies to achieve success through her membership site, virtual mentoring programmes, and group mastermind programmes. She is […]

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