Some Benefits You are Tapping into After a Month of Daily Journalling – Day 29 

Wow! Can you believe it’s been nearly a month since we started our journalling journey together? You’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal.

Today, I’d like to talk about the benefits that journalling offers and to encourage you to determine which ones fit most with your own experience. Perhaps you’ll even come up with some of your own that aren’t on this list.

When you begin to understand the clear advantages that keeping a journal can offer you, it will be easier to stick with your practice. You can remind yourself of these if you ever feel like taking a break.

Read on to discover some of the top benefits of regular journalling.

Achieve Your Goals

One of the top benefits of journalling is that it helps you to clarify and reach your goals. When you write down the things you desire, it’s easier to make a plan and stick with it.

In addition, writing your dreams down is likely to help motivate you. You’ll soon see yourself following through with more things and finding the success you’ve been seeking.

Stress Less

Getting your worries out on paper is a great way to start to feel less stress. You won’t be carrying those problems around in your head and ruminating on them as much when you write them in your journal.

In addition, the act of writing is a wonderful way to process all the things that have been on your mind. You’ll probably come up with solutions to some of those things that have been nagging at you, leading you to feel less worried and stressed.

Inspire Creativity

Journalling through writing, drawing, creating collages, or other methods is a definite spark for creativity. Once you begin one type of creative endeavour, you’ll find that you’re motivated to do more.

If you’re an artist or writer, but have felt stuck, journalling might be just the inspiration you’ve been hoping for to boost your creativity and to start expressing your art more.

Make Improvements

Journalling can help you to make improvements in several aspects of your life. If you need to heal from past difficulties, writing out your feelings can lead to peace of mind.

It can even help to make your relationships better when you’re able to process emotions through journalling.

Getting a handle on issues that have troubled you and making progress toward your goals can also lead to better self-confidence.

Take note of the ways you feel better since you’ve begun journalling in the past month.

These are merely some of the benefits that keeping a journal every day can offer you. Feel free to make a list of your own to help motivate you on the days you may not feel like sitting down with your journal. Reflect on these benefits to help you understand just how far you’ve come already. Keep it up. You’re doing great!

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