How to Build an Affirmation For Abundance 

Affirmations are powerful statements that result in manifestations seen in your life. The idea is, that through the law of attraction, whatever you believe will result in behaviour modification, which eventually can change the outcome of your life. Affirmations, or mantras, aim to change that belief system through improving your thoughts with short sentences repeated throughout the day.

One particularly useful way to use these repeated mantras is to build abundance. Abundance comes in many forms. Wealth, health, and happiness, to name a few. So why not create a money affirmation to change your relationship with it, and therefore attract it into your life? 

The question is how to build an affirmation that is effective, and one that you’re willing to repeat. 

The catch? 

It’s more than just repeating sentences in the mirror to yourself. You have to truly believe in the outcomes of your affirmations. Enough so that they’ll begin to modify your behaviours despite what others say about you. When you’re open to opportunities, they’re easier to recognise in your life. And thus, a successful affirmation is born. 

Create your own affirmations using the three steps below. Then, fill out the affirmation worksheet and watch abundance flow. 

  • Step 1: Journal specific accomplishments in your life. Think about your short-term and long-term goals and write them down either directly on the worksheet, or on a sheet of paper.
  • Step 2: Refine your goals into tangible themes that you notice throughout the different list items. What creates a strong feeling? Either of happiness, guilt, or longing? That’s often a good place to start when it comes to building an affirmation.
  • Step 3: Form your affirmation. Write down a single sentence that begins with “I”. Make sure the statement channels a feeling of energy, so you’ll be excited to repeat it. 

Finally, repeat your mantra. Write it on your mirror, download a background that reminds you of that repetition. Set alarms to alert you when it’s time to affirm these beliefs. 

Need some inspiration for abundance? 

The following statements have been carefully crafted to inspire financial abundance in your life. 
  1. I deserve and expect financial abundance. 
  2. I can build a complete financial foundation.
  3. My experience of wealth is a positive part of my life. 
  4. I accept financial success.
  5. I can turn my skills into profit. 
  6. New income channels will come to me. 
  7. My finances will improve. 
  8. I trust my judgment to make good financial decisions. 

Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your actions, and your actions control your future. Be willing to adapt your mindset to manifest what you deeply need in your life. Simply starting with a repetition of affirmations is a quick, yet effective, way to enforce a new belief system to improve your life journey. 

Jessica is a Content Marketing Specialist developing high-quality content for diverse industries including tech, finance, travel, and lifestyle. Her work can be seen featured on sites like Better Homes and Gardens and wikiHow. Read more of her posts on Possible Finance.

Featured image by Katie Harp on Unsplash

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