Take a Look at Your Relationships & Discover if There’s Room for Improvement (Day 12) 

They say your friends are a reflection of who you are. That’s because we tend to pick up characteristics and mannerisms of those that we spend time with.

If a number of our inner circle are negative and complain a lot, that’s bound to seep into our personality as well.

That’s why it’s important to take stock of your relationships when you’re striving to live your best life. Some of your connections may be holding you back from your goals. While it’s difficult to consider letting go, sometimes it’s for the best.

Take a look at some tips for ways to cultivate the most beneficial relationships that will enhance your life, not bring you down.

How Do You Feel?

First, think about how you feel when you’re with your close circle. Do you feel happy and energised or are there certain individuals that cause you to become easily drained or overwhelmed?

Your feelings can tell you a lot about your relationships. Listen to them and follow your instincts when it comes to deciding who’s right for you and who may need to be placed on the backburner.

Maintain High Standards

Never let your standards fall when it comes to the relationships in your life.

No one is perfect, and even your best friends won’t tick all your boxes. However, if there is someone in your circle that holds a number of deal breakers, it may be time to re-evaluate that relationship.

If you find an individual offers more negatives than they do positives, it may be time to let them go.

Is There Reciprocity?

Are the people within your inner circle giving as much as they get?

It can be incredibly exhausting and hurtful when you find yourself giving more time, effort, and emotional resources than the other person. It’s likely time to re-evaluate the relationship if someone doesn’t seem to be pulling their weight.

Nurture Your Most Important Connections

Finally, once you’ve taken the time to assess your current relationships and decided which are your most valuable, be sure to take time to nurture the ones that remain at the top of your list.

Your energy should be spent cultivating the relationships that matter most. You’ll reap the most rewards in all aspects of your life when you take time to spend with the people who enhance your life and bring you fulfillment.

Consider your relationships and decide which may not be contributing to your best life. You’ll find that once you’ve assessed your connections and made some changes, you’ll likely feel more optimistic and renewed.

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