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The Undeniable Positive Truths about a Fresh Start (Day 22)

A fresh start is a wonderful thing. Whether it is born from tragedy or desire, a fresh start is undeniably scary in the beginning, exhilarating in the middle, and wonderful in the end.

A fresh start may be the cry of your heart for a change that will empower you, better represent your true self, or make life more fun and interesting.

While there is no doubt a fresh start will take courage and determination, the journey is worth it!

Here are three undeniably positive truths about a fresh start:

It will set you free

If you have been held back in any way in life, a fresh start will set you free.

Becoming more of who you want to be and experiencing more of what you want in life is the reward for taking great risk. Feeling the victories that come from searching for what you want and going after it is exhilarating and can launch you into making sweeping changes in other areas of life.

It will spark new ideas

Change begets change.

How you do one thing is how you do all things. As you make changes and learn new skills, those skills apply to other areas of life.

If you make changes in your health, the new physique may spark desires to change your personal style – hair, makeup, or clothing. Changing your finances may create new opportunities to do new things like travel, decorate your home, or do more philanthropic activities.

It will come with a price tag

Change and seeking your fresh start will come with a price tag, but the change you get back is priceless.

The character traits, personal growth, and maturity that comes from becoming the person you have to be to be, do, and have what you want far exceeds the price it took.

Your fresh start is going to be hard in the beginning and like a wildfire in the middle, but it will culminate in a wonderful and better expression of who you are now.

Your fresh start will make life more interesting, more satisfying, and more rewarding than it was the moment before you made the choice to go after what you want. Celebrate the undeniable positive truths about a fresh start!

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