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Why You Might Want to Consider Journalling – Day 1

Welcome to 30 Days to Find Your Journalling Style!

Journalling is more than a hobby. It’s a practice that can bring you a great deal of clarity in your life, along with a host of other benefits. In the current global situation I’ve seen a number of people suggesting journalling as a way to reflect on what’s happening as well as an opportunity to make a record of our experiences.

In this inspirational series, I’ll share with you just what journalling is and why it’s such a great practice to start. Whether you consider yourself to be a creative person or not, I’m here to tell you that you can be successful at journalling and truly enjoy the process.

You Don’t Need to Be a Writer

In fact, you don’t even need to be a great writer. Your journal is yours and yours alone unless you decide to share or publish it. It’s meant to be a practice for self-growth and reflection.

Journalling offers a wide variety of great benefits. Understanding them can help motivate you to get started with this practice and motivate you to keep going once you begin.

It can help you to become more mindful and aware of the present moment. So often, we find ourselves focused on all the thoughts whirling around in our heads or worrying about the future. Journalling can help ground you and increase your satisfaction in the moment.

It can also increase your clarity and understanding, bringing you peace of mind and giving you a clearer picture of your goals. Writing your thoughts down can paint a picture and connect the dots on issues that have been bothering you. It can help you to understand what you truly want in a way that was unclear before.

It Can Be Healing

Journalling can also be an incredibly healing process. Writing down your feelings and processing past events in a tangible way helps many to forgive themselves or to let go of past trauma in order to move forward in a healthier way. It’s not easy, but it can be fulfilling and make a real difference in a person’s life.

These are just a few of the many amazing benefits journalling can bring. I’ll share more over the next 30 days. I’ll also give you practical tips to start journalling and to keep going.

You’ll discover different types of journals you can keep and figure out which one best fits your style. We’ll look at some journalling techniques and examine specific strategies to help you accomplish particular goals with your writing. In addition, I’ll introduce you to tools and resources that can enhance your journalling practice.

Thanks again for joining me. I feel confident you’ll gain a lot from this challenge and be ready to begin your own journalling practice by the end of our time together.

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