You are Never too Old to Make a Fresh Start (Day 29)

You are Never too Old to Make a Fresh Start (Day 29)

Life has a way of passing by – marked by transitions like childhood, college years, young adulthood, marriage, parenthood, and career. Before you know it, you’re looking at retirement and wondering where the time went.

Suddenly empty nest and the next phase of life seems pretty intense.

Empty nest is often a dangerous time for people who spent more time doing what they ought to rather than what they wanted to in their younger years.

It is often a time where divorce occurs as well as a generalised feeling of not having accomplished what was important at one point.

The fact is you are never too old to make a fresh start.

Here are some facts:

  • Colonel Sanders began his Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in his 60’s
  • Morgan Freeman had his breakthrough role at age 50
  • Joy Behar began her comedy stand up at age 38 and didn’t become famous until age 54 when she joined The View

These famous people didn’t let age get in their way of their fresh start. Neither should you!

Did you know? Many people who join the military at age 18 retire with full benefits at very young ages. They often begin entirely new careers in completely different genres and experience great satisfaction.

Your age is only a number. It is an indicator of how much time you have lived to gain wisdom, perspective, and street smarts. In this case, age is an advantage. Don’t let the number of candles on your cake change anything about your dreams and goals.

Consider this:

  • Older people have more life experience to close the learning gap
  • Older people have more resources for support when they make change
  • Older people aren’t driven by ego or finances
  • Older people know who they are and what they want
  • Older people are dependable and able to flex their schedules

There are many assets to being older. Don’t forget to use what you’ve got and make an impact you likely couldn’t have made in your younger years. Don’t let your age be an excuse. Be focused and set goals and make a fresh start before any more time passes you by.

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