Three Things that Change When You Make a Fresh Start (Day 26)

When you make a fresh start and leave the things behind that no longer suit you, things start to change.

Obviously, the day-to-day things change but three not-so-obvious things begin to change too:

  • Your perspective
  • Your confidence
  • Your satisfaction

As your life starts to settle into the new routine, the brand newness wears off and things start to feel a bit normalised. What may have been a shock to your system or overwhelming will start to feel easier and manageable. You may have had to overcome some obstacles but things start to even out.

As you move from being worried or scared about change to seeing that there really isn’t anything you can’t do, your perspective shifts. What you thought might be too much, too expensive, too hard, or too out of reach seems pretty normal and easier to get.

That shift changes how you view the world. If you went into this fresh start full of hope and vigour and things paid off, you might have the perspective that hard work is worth the effort or that things find their way if you focus.

As you see the results that you hoped for, your confidence increases. The character it took to overcome or get the new start is a badge of honour and courage that signifies you had what it took to make change. It feels good to know that you can do whatever it takes to start over with your finances, your health, your career, or whatever it is you set your mind to.

As you gain perspective and confidence, your satisfaction in all areas of life follows suit. It’s hard to be sad when things are going your way. The culmination of your focus, hard work, and determination build together like blocks – creating a solid foundation for personal happiness. What’s more, what you do in one area of life, you can recreate in other areas which increases your satisfaction even more.

Making a fresh start has more amazing outcomes than you may have imagined. From seeing the changes you desire to building character and self-esteem, there is so much more in store for you when you make a brand new start. Dig deep, take the leap, and wait and see how much fun life can be.

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