Fight Stress and Anxiety with These Celebrity Tips 

 June 10, 2019

By  admin

We all know the feeling — you’re overwhelmed, your mind and thoughts can’t seem to settle down, and you might even be a little bit agitated.

Stress is something that affects us physically and mentally, and it’s something that every single person experiences at some point. Whether it’s a first date, a big presentation at work, or the unexpected curves that life throws our way, there’s an endless list of things that can stress us out.

While we can’t make stress go away forever, there are a handful of proven and science-backed activities and tips we implement into our daily lives to help keep the feelings of stress and anxiety at bay.  

The team at Hola rounded up some of the best tips for fighting stress that even some of the biggest names in Hollywood use to chill out. Whether you hit the gym to escape like Khloe Kardashian and Elsa Pataky, or you practice daily self-care like Tracee Ellis Ross, there are simple things you can do to help yourself feel a little bit more relaxed every day.


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