Mobile Journalling Ideas for Your Smartphone – Day 10 

Chances are, you use your mobile phone for dozens of purposes. Most of us always have our phones with us.

Perhaps you begin your day with your smartphone alarm. You then pull it out throughout the day for things like checking emails, corresponding with colleagues, following social media feeds, and texting with friends.

Our smartphones have essentially become an extension of ourselves. That’s why it makes sense to consider using them for journalling purposes.

Take a look below to discover some mobile journalling ideas for your smartphone and ways to implement them. You already have this tool at your disposal. Why not incorporate it into your journalling habit?

About Mobile Journalling

Mobile journalling simply refers to recording your thoughts on a mobile device.

A smartphone offers a few advantages to other types of devices, but a tablet could also be considered a way of journalling through a mobile outlet.

Mobile refers to being on the go. Some people might even consider using a laptop to be a means of mobile journalling. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be using the term to refer to journalling using a smartphone device.

Ways to Journal on Your Smartphone

As with any other type of journalling, the mobile practice you create is up to you.

You can record your thoughts through your phone’s ‘notes’ feature. You might download a word processing app like Google Docs to use as your journal.

There are also popular note-taking apps and some meant specifically for journalling that you could consider.

These provide specific features that can be useful for journalling purposes – like tracking goals, adding photos, locking for privacy, and reminders to write when you skip days. These apps can be both fun and practical.

Benefits of Mobile Journalling

Mobile journalling offers you several benefits.

For one, it’s easy to ensure you take time to journal every day because you usually have your phone with you.

If you’re using an app, you can find one that sends you reminders to journal.

Mobile journals are safe. You can often lock down your journal or your phone.

Also, making backups of your mobile journal is beneficial in case your phone should get lost. This is something that isn’t possible with pen and paper.

Even if a paper journal is your preferred method, you might find that mobile journalling is a convenient way to jot down quick thoughts or to supplement your hard copy journal. Keep journalling on your smart phone in mind. It could be the ideal solution for you.

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