Change is Inevitable – Staying the Same is Dangerous for Your Mind (Day 25)

Time moves forward. Until a time machine is invented, there is no chance to stop the forward motion of life.

As much as we may want our children to stay small, our marriage to stay in the honeymoon phase, and that hairstyle to stay on-point; it isn’t going to happen.

Some day and some time, the new becomes old and times change. It’s inevitable.

Staying in place in any way – physically, emotionally, intellectually – is dangerous.

From birth, we are developing and taking in new information. We grow, attend school, begin our adulthood, and ideally don’t stop learning or growing until we cease to exist.

Depending on what study you read, we use only a fraction of our brains and we are capable of expanding our minds throughout our whole lives.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

A common phrase used to urge people to exercise their muscles and their memories holds a simple truth.

It is important to stretch your body and your mind routinely to keep what you have and grow even more. Change is an agent that helps keep your mind sharp and your mental health optimal.

Embracing change and making fresh starts will make it easier to keep your mind healthy and avoid degeneration.

Use change to your advantage and keep your mind out of danger.

Change requires learning new skills

Use change to force your mind to learn new skills and wake-up and shake-up the side of your brain that has been dormant. Learning a technical skill or simply using actions like mathematics can get your brain exercising and healthy.

Change requires expansion

Change requires you to become bigger and better than you once were.

That effort will require your brain to stretch and grow. Actual physiological changes will happen at the same time. New neuropathways will develop and serotonin levels will increase inside your brain as you stimulate the growth.

If you are comfortable in your own little world and don’t desire anything new, that can be dangerous. Keep your brain safe and your future protected by making change part of your lifestyle.

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