Change These Three Things for a Fresh and New Career Experience (Day 19)

Having a career can be a smart and enjoyable thing, especially when your career is in alignment with your calling, interests, and economic goals.

If you’ve been in your career a while and don’t want to get a fresh start entirely, you are still at risk for boredom, mediocrity, and becoming stagnant. None of which is ideal.

Even if you love your line of work and want very much to stay right where you are metaphorically, there are things you can do to make your current career feel invigorated and fresh and new.

Here are three ideas for a fresh and new career experience:

Get the newest training

You may think you know all there is to know about what you do. You might be able to train others and, depending how long you’ve been in your career, you may be considered a walking encyclopedia – or Google version – of knowledge.

Nonetheless, there are always new things about your craft, industry, or career coming on the scene. Consider getting the newest training out there to add to your tool chest and keep your mind-muscle flexing.

“In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

Whether you get an advanced degree or training that adds to your knowledge base or value, expanding your training can open doors, renew your mind, and refresh your career.

Join a new group or organisation

Does your line of work have an affiliation or professional organisation?

If you’ve been a member of the same groups for some time, it might be time to expand your reach. Joining a new group can offer new ways to contribute, share your skill sets, and get you more excited about civic or professional affiliations. If a group doesn’t exist, consider starting one of your own.

Make a lateral or upward move

You may have climbed the ladder in your career and might be very happy where you are, but there is an equal possibility that there are lateral or upward moves you can still make.

If you need a new challenge, consider looking at options within your current career to make a shift and refresh and renew your connections. Making a change could increase your retirement income, give you an opportunity to lead new people, or simply give your brain a reason to learn new skills. None of these are bad reasons to make a move.

You don’t have to reinvent yourself to get a fresh start. You can make a small shift within the space you already occupy and feel the exhilaration of a fresh start right where you are. Look at the possibilities and see if a small change can make a big difference in your career.

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