Plan an Adventure to Get a Fresh Start (Day 18)

Stuck in a rut? Need a muse to get your juices flowing?

One of the best ways to spark your creativity and sense of enthusiasm is travel.

Planning an adventure is a wonderful way to get a fresh start. Changing things up and seeing new sights, taking in new smells, and absorbing new energy is just the ticket when you are ready for change.

Being stuck in the ‘everydayness’ of life causes our minds to stagnate.

Taking the same routes in town, eating the same foods at the same places, seeing the same people at the same events, creates mediocrity. Getting away and seeing entirely new things reminds us that the world is vast, the choices are many, and the options are more than we realise in our small spaces at home.

Note: Whether you need inspiration or already know what you want to change in your life, getting away to clear your head or exhilarate your imagination is a perfect way to blast off.

Here are some common and not-so-common ideas for a new adventure:

Road Trips

If money is an issue or time is tight, fill up that fuel tank and head out. From an overnight stay to an extended weekend, a road trip is a great way to listen to great music, eat road stand food, and soak in some new sights.

Railway Trips

‘Riding the rails’ is a slice of mobile heaven on Earth.

There is something magical about taking a train through the countryside for pleasure. Trains often travel country that cars or other forms of transportation can’t access.

The views and the terrain are breathtaking. The culture of train buffs is also enticing. The people riding trains are often friendly and sometimes have fun stories. It is a great way to meet new people and see amazing sights.

Hiking Trips

The book and adapted movie ‘Wild’ tells the story of Cheryl Strayed hiking the Pacific Coast Trail while she sorted out pain in her life.

The arduous trip resulted in deep connection with issues in her life and launched her into a new place emotionally and literally after she reached the end of the trail.

Your fresh start might be triggered by getting out of the routines you live in day to day. Try exploring and see how being in a new place experiencing new things can shake up your life and help you begin anew.

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