Simple Ways to Instantly Save Money (Day 16)

There are three ways to have more money:

  • Earn More
  • Save More
  • Sell Things

Saving money isn’t just about socking it away for a rainy day. Saving money has to do with being conscious about spending, looking for waste, and being proactive with regards to saving.

Let’s take a look at some easy-to-do and simple ways to instantly save money:

Review your contracts

A lot of your monthly expenses are automatic and billed monthly.

Your phone service, internet service, all forms of insurance, and more. These are all negotiable. Make sure to connect with your providers as often as every six months to make certain you are getting the best rates for your usage and family status.

Often there are incentives or options that aren’t offered automatically. It is up to you to negotiate and start the conversation. You can save hundreds of pounds this way.

Assess your services

Be honest and frank about the services you use. Do you really need them?

Hundreds of pounds can be saved by cutting back, cutting out, or changing your services.

If you aren’t watching every channel on your television package, you may not need the all-inclusive package. Consider machine washable clothing and save money on dry cleaning.

Simple changes all add up to big savings.

Hire your children or neighbours’ children

Some of the services you are paying for can be done by someone younger and for less!

If you pay for housekeeping or lawn services, you may be better off hiring a local teen or your child.

Teaching entrepreneurship and a way to earn an honest dollar is a great way to invest in kids, show them the value of working, and save yourself some money.


Try taking a break from some spending.

Fast for a week, two weeks, or 21 days and see if you can live without the item or service. If you can, make a permanent change and consider the money you are saving for something you’ve really wanted to do.

Give up your daily coffee habit and use that money for an annual holiday. A daily £3 coffee habit is equal to £1,095 annually. That money will buy a flight and car rental for many locations.

If you want to make a fresh start saving money, you can see instant success by taking some simple steps to reduce and eliminate spending. Have fun and make a game of who can save the most in one month, and you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

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