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As a home based business owner, how do you improve your productivity, organisation, wellbeing, energy and resilience to enable you to do more of what you want to do?

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Rob Catalano on Show #26: Productivity, Networking, Planning, Development and Evernote
Join us as I discuss Productivity, Networking, Planning, Development and Evernote with Rob Catalano, Co-Founder of Worktango Inc
How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle in Five Easy Steps
I use five fundamentals to help people to work through how they can 'live more' and the first one is[...]
Mark Huggins on Show #25: Personal Development, Mindfulness, Meditation, Mind Mapping, Productivity and Walking
In Jo's other business she works with the Engage for Success movement all around employee engagement. Mark and Jo met through the movement after he presented at their conference in 2015 and was interviewed for their radio podcast.
Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator
I love TED Talks but I don't get to watch them often enough. I subscribed to their '31 days of[...]
7 Simple and Easy Steps to Developing Good Habits
For anyone who wants to become more productive, the development of good habits takes an essential role. Any person is[...]
Which Type of Meditation Suits You Best?
Meditation - perhaps you’ve seen people meditating in a yoga class. Or maybe you’ve even tried it yourself once or twice, and just thought, "I’m not sure what this is all about". In another in our guest blog series, Kaylee from Woodside shares an infographic explaining the different types of meditation to allow you to explore your options.
Penny Pullan on Show #24: Graphics Made Easy, Music, How to Have a Good Day, Mindfulness and Learning from Teaching
I've known Penny for years and when I heard that she was just about to publish a book about Virtual Leadership, I knew I had to get her on to the show! She is all about helping people with tricky projects, though she says that she hasn't entirely cracked her own productivity, organisation and wellbeing - but then who has, frankly!
Laura Willis on Show #23: Buddhify, Happiness at Work, Dealing with the Digital ‘Always On’ Culture and Dealing with Stress
Laura Willis is unusual as a guest on the podcast as she absolutely doesn't work from home - now! She has started a business borne out of feeling overwhelmed with her previous worklife working from home, all about switching off from digital, being more mindful and finding balance in life alongside all the digital distraction.
jo dodds

About Me

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2005 when I started a business so that I could stay at home to have a baby without needing to commute. Little Doddsy is now nearly a teenager!

I work with home based business owners to help them to improve their productivity, organisation and wellbeing.

Jo is full of great ideas, always promoting a wide range of thought provoking suggestions for better motivation and productivity. She is my speedy go to person for tech advice.

Katherine Bassey
John Doe UI/UX Designer
Improve Your Focus for Better Productivity

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