My 5 Fundamentals to Use Your Power to Live More 

Complexity and disorganisation in your life and business can lead to you being ineffective and feeling overwhelmed without the ability to live more (do more of what you want to do). It can create:

  • a lack of focus
  • distractions as you keep thinking about future tasks that need your attention
  • stress by overwhelming your senses, causing your body to release cortisol, the stress hormone
  • an inability to process information
  • procrastination
  • a lack of creativity or thinking outside the box
  • memory loss
  • an inability to live in the moment

In this ‘always on’ digital world it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with an overflowing inbox, information flowing faster than you can deal with it and ‘busyness’ stopping you actually getting the important stuff done including ‘living more’!

How to Live More

When I started my POWER to Live More business I realised that I needed a framework to help me to work with clients to review their lives and business and work out how they can make changes to enable them to do more of what they want to do.

It took me a little time to come up with the framework. Looking at how I was working with my clients and working out how it could all fit into a neat package wasn’t easy, especially when I decided I wanted each of the fundamentals to start with the same letter (why make stuff easy for yourself, when you can make it more difficult seems to be my motto!).

In the end, everything fell into place and here they are:

The five headings probably won’t mean much to you without my explanation. You can find out more by listening to my ‘5 Fundamentals to Enable you to Live More’ podcast.

And you can use this checklist to work through my 5 Fundamentals for your Life and Business so you can stop the overwhelm, get organised, reduce your workload, get and stay healthy and improve your life so you can spend, and really appreciate, more time with your family and friends and/or doing your hobbies as well as improving your business success!

So, you can be fulfilled, successful, healthy and happy and ‘live more’. If you haven’t already, check out the content on my ‘Start Here‘.


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