Let’s Review 29 Tips and Ideas to Help You Find Your Journalling Style 

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and browse through all the different topics we covered over the past 29 days.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Welcome and Why You Should Take Up Journalling
  2. Two Super Simple Ways to Start Journalling
  3. What Should You Write in Your Journal?
  4. Keeping It Simple and Functional with a Bullet Journal
  5. Use Your Journal as a Creative Outlet
  6. Commit to Journalling Every Single Day – Even if It’s Just a Line
  7. Have You Heard of Gratitude Journals?
  8. Pen & Paper or Digital? What’s Your Journalling Medium
  9. Journaling Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive – Frugal Ways to Get Started
  10. Mobile Journalling Ideas for Your Smart Phone
  11. The Difference Between a Diary and a Journal
  12. Using a Journal to Work Through Emotions
  13. How a Journal Can Boost Your Productivity Through the Roof
  14. Make Your Journal Your Accountability Partner – No Matter What Your Goals Are
  15. Journal Like You’re Already There – A Written Spin on “Fake It ’til You Make It”
  16. Journal Before Bed for Improved Sleep Quality
  17. Journal in the Morning to Set the Right Tone for the Rest of Your Day
  18. Do You Want to Read More? Try Book Journaling
  19. Three Things to Try When Journaling Seems Overwhelming
  20. Browse Through Your Journal to Figure Out What’s Working and What Isn’t
  21. Journal Prompts to Help You Get Unstuck
  22. Have You Heard of Writing Morning Pages?
  23. Using Daily Checking Questions and Journalling Prompts
  24. Try Daily Collage Pages to Tap into Your Creative Side
  25. Use Your Journal to Overcome Fears and Make Big Decisions
  26. Why Your Journal Shouldn’t Be Perfect – Keep It Messy
  27. Carry Your Journal with You Anywhere You Go
  28. Find a Way That Works for You – There is No Right or Wrong Way to Journal
  29. Some Benefits You are Tapping into After a Month of Daily Journaling

What has had the biggest impact on you? What tips and ideas have you found the most helpful? Those are the posts that you want to come back to again and again.

Take a few minutes today to reflect on not only how far you’ve come, but more importantly how these 30 days of inspiration have influenced you and changed you for the better. What positive experiences have you had as a result of this month’s challenge?

Thank you so much for spending this past month with me. I’ve had a blast and hope that you’ve learned a lot about journalling. It’s my sincere wish that you will find a journalling practice that fits your lifestyle and that you’ll continue to journal for years to come.

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